About This Site

I established this blog at the urging of my wife, Alayne, whom many of you know. Since her writing activities keep her too busy to post these things on Facebook, I was given the task of keeping all of you all current. That as the introduction, I determined Facebook wouldn’t meet my needs and made the command decision to use WordPress instead.

My writings are intended for family and friends who know us. But rather than inconvenience them with the passwords a closed blog would require, I’ve left the blog open for reading by all. It’s probably a decision that will bite me in the ass at some point in the future, but so be it. But because of this, you, the casual voyeur, may need to excuse references to people and things you can’t be familiar with. Conversely, some of the information and experiences herein might be of some value to you, and if so, you’re welcome to enjoy that.

Because many of you have expressed an interest in, “Hey, I’d like to do that someday,” I’ve put a little more detail into this than I perhaps otherwise would have. These things will give you a sense for what it takes to maintain an RV, as well as what it might cost to go camping full time.

Simply view “older posts” to start reading from the very beginning (I mention this just in case you’re unfamiliar with the reverse chronological order of blogs).