Labor Day Weekend – Memphis, TN

It was a lot more crowded on a Saturday night as opposed to when we went on a Sunday night in the spring

Our path to home from Illinois would lead us through Memphis and Hot Springs; two of the areas we stopped at in the spring on our way up to Bar Harbor.


While Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi RV Park doesn’t offer a whole lot of amenities, it does offer a pretty view of the barge traffic as it travels up and down the ole Missisip’. It is quite entertaining trying to determine which barge is the longest. With some of them approaching 1,000 feet long and being pushed by a boat with 3,500 horsepower, it is fun to watch. The only drawback we found to our second stay was the endless number of nighttime bugs: They were horrible and we found ourselves sitting inside at night. Fortunately, it rained one night, so it was no great loss to have to sit inside in any event.

The colorful lights of Beale Street

We spent our Saturday night on Labor Day weekend going to Beale Street. Unlike the Sunday night we were there in the spring, it was as crowded as you’d expect.

This is the outdoor patio at B.B. King’s that we usually occupy when going to Beale Street. B.B. King’s has great chicken wings
Itta Bena was starting to die down by the time we left there. The food there is as excellent as our Uber driver suggested

After spending the requisite time people-watching on the patio of B.B. King’s Blues Club, we went upstairs to Itta Bena to grab dinner. Itta Bena came at the suggestion of our inbound Uber driver, and I’ll probably not be the first to say he has excellent tastes in food. My red snapper with crawfish etoufee was scrumptious, and I’m not a crawfish person. Alayne’s scallops and grits were also excellent. Itta Bena also exists in Montgomery, Alabama as well as Orlanda, and they are worth looking up if you are in the area.

What’s left of our meals is in that brown bag on the right. It was good eatin’

Following our short stay in Memphis, we were off to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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