Making Our Way Back Home – Augusta, ME

Augusta West Campground was very nice, and many of the seasonal people occupied lakeside sites just like this one

As we left Bar Harbor, we started to weave our way back westward. A quick overnight was required in southern Maine before we would travel another 250 miles to Vermont.

Annabessacook Lake which lies along Augusta West Campground was fairly sizable. The water was super-clear, and it was warm
More of Annabessacook Lake


I wasn’t quite sure what we’d find at Augusta West campground as we wove down the very rutted entry road, but I was pleasantly surprised once we arrived. It had a very nice lake. A brand new pool. And it was very nice looking. I wish we would have stayed another day longer.

I would have liked to have stayed a couple of days longer to perhaps rent a boat and explore the lake, but our schedule didn’t allow that (most of our reservations have to be booked months in advance, especially for the weekends)
The campground had a lot of things for kids to do
The typical view from where I sit
There was no shortage of things for Alayne to take pictures of as we drove through Maine. It has lots of lakes
This picture didn’t come out half-bad considering Alayne took it through the side window. You can see just a tiny bit of reflection
Maine is very wooded, as you can see here. Our trip to Vermont would consist of nothing but backroads like this
There are plenty of old structures on the east coast
Just some lake on our drive through Maine
Another old farmhouse, although this one looks like it might be occupied
I have no clue what this is, but Alayne seemed to think it was photogenic

After our brief overnight stay in Augusta, it was time to leave for Montpelier, Vermont.

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